I am SO excited to start offering MERRY EVERYTHING videos!

Last year I was a bit unsure on what to get my husband for his birthday.  I had secretly gone down to take pictures of them to send him but I needed a bit more.  So that is where the video came in.  I watch it and think back how funny it is.  How they talk.  How they play with each other.  How one laughs at the other.  How they get distracted. It is all things we slowly forget.  We remember the big things and the photos are there but what about all the small things?!

Although you can add on a video to any package, I am hoping to do these all in the home.  I will take lifestyle photos and then ask questions for anyone to answer.  Maybe this is just of the kiddos, maybe this is for your husband who is deployed, or maybe this is for momma (who you should probably gift this with a box of kleenex).  Whoever it is for – I gaurantee it will be treasured for years to come.

These videos will be uploaded to a private youtube that can be viewed by frineds and family, and also will be sent on a USB with it!

I cannot wait to watch how you gift these!!

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