Kid’s Gift Guide!

Alright friends. I keep seeing all these gift guides, and while I may get an idea or two from them, SO many of the gifts are impractical and I know my kids would only use it once. Maybe. Here are some of our tried and true, most FAVORITE novelty items. Most are small and used while we travel. I am going to go somewhat in age order – but I would say both of my girls love everything on this list!

1. Baby Princesses.
How sweet are these!? They have the cutest little eyes and are perfect for a doll house!

2. Wooden Camera.
We’ve gone through a lot of camera’s in this house, and this is such a cute little one for a baby to teeth on, to hang in their nursery for decor, or for your toddler to roam around following you while saying CHEESE. I may or may not have that happen often.

3. Buckle Pillow.
THIS. If you have a younger child and you travel, YOU NEED THIS. This is one of the best things I had for Della during long flights. We actually take it to restaurants as well. I usually have to unbuckle it for her, but if they aren’t crying, we are winning. I also can buckle it to any bag so it won’t fall out. That’s a complete win.

4. Moonlite Projector
Speaking of travel. How fun is this?! You put this little gadget on your phone, and it projects the pictures on the ceiling. WHAT?! Such a fun, special thing for when you are away from home.

5. Bilibo
This little thing reminds me of that old school spinner we had as kids, but then I watched the video on it and I was like holy cow kids are so dang creative! This is SUCH a good imaginary toy that can do it all!

6. Magformers
If it can stack, it will be stacked. My girls love blocks, or these fun magnetic tiles that click together easily and they can build (or destroy) anything they can think of! These are a little speedy at just about $1/tile but they are so fun and last!

7. Squigz
These are so great. They are big enough for littles and small enough for the kiddos to take in places, on planes, or just at the dinner table waiting for dinner! They stick to each other and can build all sorts of fun things!

8. Stikbot
Then add these little dudes to your Squigz designs. Perfect.

9. Stikbot studio
oh, let’s just take this a step further and make a fun little movie with your “stick” figures in front of the green screen! Such a great mix of imagination play and technology!

10. Car
This is ALWAYS a hit! I rarely have seen people know what this is, and its such a good party trick to bring out while friends are over!

11. Stacking Chairs
This little game is great for the whole family. I love that my little one and ‘big’ one can play together on this one!

12. Walkie Talkies
Are these making a come back?! I hope yes! We use these camping and the kids beg to use them just about any other time. What is more fun as a kid then going outside in the dark and still being able to say “check check one two. Come in. Roger.” Saying all that in your deepest southern accent is a must.

13. Mosaic
I think sometimes it is hard to find art projects for boys. These fun mosaics are automobiles which is cool and different!

14. Travel Cards
THESE. ARE. MY. FAVORITE. Does that get the point accross?! I actually originally ordered these through Usborne, and they still have them. So if you know a consultant order through them. If not – and you want it in 2 days, order here!! They are WORTH IT. I punched a hole in every one, put it on a little ring and shoved it in my bag for restaurants, random appointments, and waiting for just about anything.

15. Paper table
If your kids are like mine, they will ask for 36 pieces of plain white paper, all to write a total of 2 lines in yellow on it. God forbid you tell them to reuse that paper, because no, you cannot stop cooking dinner to go grab them another clean piece of paper. Here is your solution. Want more paper? Pull harder. 🙂

16. Good Night Book
We LOVE these books. We try to get these when we go somewhere new. One girl is getting the Tennessee one for Christmas and one is getting Washington!

17. Boogie Board
These awesome little writing tools are perfect to throw in a bag or to keep in the car (like we do!). Or get even crazier, and throw it in a bag from the car. It comes with a little pen, but you can also write on it with just your fingers, so no worries if they chuck the pen across the car immediately after you stopped on your road trip…not speaking from experience or anything. You can also grab the basic version that we have here.

18. Play Kitchen
We love love this little thing! It is a bit short for older kids, but Ayla is 5 and its still perfect! We got it for her when she was 2, so 3 years and still going strong!

And last, but definitely not least…my two favorites ways to bring all the snacks! The first snack stackers are AMAZING. They keep everything fresh. I fill them up before we go somewhere and there is just enough for a days worth of snacks. we can change it up before they get bored of a certain snack and they are just awesome. They were actually made for protein powder – so definitely duel use there!
The second snack cups are AWESOME. They are larger and hold a good amount (either 12oz or 16oz). They have fabric on the top that don’t let all the crumbs out…HOLLAAAAA. They are also dishwasher safe (I know what you are thinking, there IS a God) so just throw them on the top shelf when you just CAN NOT with one more dish!!
19. Snack Stackers
20. Munchie Mug

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